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Metro Music
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Silver Spring, MD 20914-0004

301-622-2473 (voice)
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(last updated: 02-Sep-15)    

hi metro music is back and running!!!! watch for updates

Okay here's the scoop. We get thousands of cd's from various sources and it is impossible for us to catalog and listen to them all so here's the deal:
100 CD's for $90 POST PAID

These are ALL:

  • The truth is-I have no idea who any of these bands artists/singers/songwriters/musicians/groups are -BUT MAYBE YOU DO..A GREAT DEAL FOR STORES OR THE ADVENTUROUS--COULD BE HIDDEN GEMS HERE-I JUST DON'T KNOW OR HAVE THE TIME!!!

    The thrust of our business is classic rock from the 60's & 70's. psyche, beat, progressive, folk, all of it!

    You want it--We Have it!

    Hi and welcome to the world of Metro Music. We' ve been around since 1978, starting with private auctions thru magazines like  Trouser Press, Who Put the Bomp and  The Rock Marketplace.

    We opened up as a full time music mail order business in January of 1983 and continue today with the same ethics and ideals which has helped us survive and thrive thru the years. Now with the internet revolution at hand we have designed our web site to be user friendly and have intentionally left off fancy whistles and bells.

    Having said that let me try to explain how it should work. We have created several hyperlinks highlighting the musical genres we specialize in. With a simple click you can see all the records or CDs  we carry in a particular genre.

    We also have a  Search Engine which should allow you to search for your favorite artist or group. And lastly our strongest feature is our CUSTOMER SERVICE. Myself, Michael & Nancy are almost always here during business hours(10-5 PM E.S.T) and we are very knowledgable about what we sell. We consider our customers our friends and we will spend any length of time with you on the phone answering your questions--pulling CD' s off the shelves telling you what the cover looks like or how many songs it has etc.....

    What we lack in other areas-and what makes us stronger than some of the internet giants-is the concern to get it right(even if we are sometimes a bit slower--honesty here!!). While we are on the topic of communications-let me be honest and state that we do not have the time to answer long and involved questions by e-mail--and often don. t--we will however answer those same questions if you take the time to call us!!! We have 3 separate hard copy catalogs(all of which are here on our page).

    We include catalogs free with all orders--but if you would like to get a catalog without an order--all you have to do is send us two 33 cent stamps for each catalog. The catalogs are:

  • Main catalog
  • New wave punk/indie catalog
  • Backstock catalog.
  • New Additions Catalog.
  • Press Kits
  • Our backstock catalog-contains basically a backload of records that for various reasons haven't reached our main catalog yet. We have a section of cheap records(all genres and varying conditions) and our backstock section is basically a mish mosh of all genres and styles-with many hidden gems among some of the more common items. Our last section--is the Consignment Section. which is part of a very large collection we are consigning for a former customer of ours.